There is a great feeling of space on our bright, leafy campus which enhances the teaching and learning which exists in the school. The atmosphere is open and friendly. Our curriculum is planned to provide a challenging and stimulating learning experience. We introduce them to an environment that will make them thoughtful and caring children.

Computer Labs

In the modern world e-literacy is considered as equally important as literacy because to navigate a world dominated by computers, one needs to be adept in using computers. End up being hardy, make an effort ones own results dado oline. Internet, which is the repository of knowledge and information, is indispensable to a modern student. All these things make it mandatory that a student is computer savvy.


One among the numerous wings providing material equipment in the school is the LIBRARY. The Library has well planned scientific system of arrangement for graded reading. The Library will be open to all the students on all working days.

Play Area

Our facility has a vast expanse of sand area which our children often feel like children park. It is relaxing, soothing and entertaining sensory experiences for children and they look forward to them


Learning is effective in spacious and open atmosphere. With this in mind the school provides the students with airy and well-ventilated classrooms. Each class room has a reading corner which gives an easy access to reading cards, puzzles and word-building games. The Display Boards in the classrooms play a significant role in enhancing the learning of the students. 

Transport Facility

We have facilities to provide safe and reliable transportation to our children at a very affordable cost.