The Six of Wands portrays men wear a laurel wreath on their mind, driving a white horse through the crowd cheering

The Six of Wands depicts one using a laurel wreath on their mind, operating a white horse through crowd cheering. Regarding the cards, the white pony represents the power, purity and success of an adventure; and crowd express identification for your accomplishments of this people. The adhere in the hand comes with a wreath, again emphasizing the victory that he enjoys obtained. They are never apprehensive with the thought of having to reveal other people exactly what he has got carried out in his lives up until now, and happily, all people in were cheering with this hero.

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The detailed description in the Six of Wands

This card was a version of the Chariot within the small Arcana. These two cards portray the winning minutes. Often, in life, all we desire is success, becoming people standing on top and becoming several one. You will find this dream lingering regarding confronts of players, people in politics and various other champions as they step inside hall of respect. This is the best feeling in everything. I am the most effective. We have acquired!

Six of Wands additionally shows a healthier sense of confidence. Getting satisfied with your own successes is an important part of profits, but getting too proud may cause arrogance and complacency. Once you see this credit, you will want to examine you to ultimately be sure that you do not feel you are the the majority of exceptional of these all. It’s easy to disregard the undeniable fact that personal success isn’t necessarily accomplished by the patient his/herself. Our very own abilities start the inventor, they grow with adore and support of other people, and finally manifest through you. Immediately after which how exactly we enables our selves getting very over-proud?

Satisfaction may be the basic and biggest sin we ought to manage by holding all of our souls with paradise. Once this card looks, you really need to enjoy the victory and feel good about your self, but remember not to ever being pompous.

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Key words linked to the Six of Wands Tarot credit: success, Honor, Proud.

Terms and keywords and phrases

Success, success, success, recognition, thanks, reveal that you’re correct, manage the aspiration, decide wisely, profits, confidence, feel known, very good news, diplomatic, beat, record, solve dilemmas, prize, full, marketing, respect, win, applaud, support, ability.


The Six of Wands are all about success, winning and acceptance. Not simply you might be succeeded in achieving your aim but in addition your time and effort are identified by every person near you. You’ve probably recently received a reward, started applauded in public areas or got recognition from a colleague for work done. It may actually just a pat on the arms, a compliment or recognition to suit your jobs. This leads are to greatly enhance self-esteem and empower you to definitely keep pace those attempts.

This credit indicates that you have abused your own strengths and abilities to bring about successful effects along with your effort. You may have was able to overcome the issues with the Five of Wands, decrease interruptions and focus about biggest work. Through a considerable ways, you have got manage the difficulties as you go along, and then you’re concentrating stamina on a goal to open up the way to achieve your goals. It is time so that you could shine and just do it.

This is a very positive sign. It could imply that although you are facing problems, you can expect to tackle them and winnings the ultimate success. This card furthermore refers to the improvements both in exact and figurative, things are altering ina positive manner


Overall, the Six of Wands try a cards about pleasure and compliments. You’ll shortly see some great results for your attempts. Leave yourself relax or you should heal yourself well in some tactics. You will definitely be beneficial.